Sunday, 14 May 2017

A New Summer Starts

It's hard to believe that 2 weeks have flown by already.  My travel to Kryvyy Rih went smoothly overall, except that Air Canada put me on an earlier flight out of Halifax and didn't tell me.  Fortunately I just happened to look at my boarding pass, saw the change and was able to barely get to the airport in time.  Once I got to Kyiv I caught the new fast train which got me into Kryvyy Rih when I could get to bed at a good time and voila, no jet lag.

These past 2 weeks in Kryvyy Rih have mostly involved getting reconnected with everyone, getting supplies and settling in.  Now that the May holidays are over things should get into a routine this week.  So far I have been back to English Club at Shelter Plus, I also tagged along with some friends to spend quality time with the kids at a TB hospital and a Family Day outing at a park for the kids from a boarding school.  School will be finished for the summer here on May 26th and after that we will start the camps.

So another summer has started here and it looks like it's going to be a great one.  Stay tuned for updates.  If you would like to help me to provide blessings for those who have little please click the "donate now" button at the right side of the blog.  You can also click the "ways to donate" tab at the top of the page for other giving options.  Every little bit helps and goes a long way in making someone's life better and is appreciated so much.  Please consider helping out.

Thank you for seeing my heart.  Till next time...я дюбдю вас!!

At a TB hospital

Family Day games in a park with boarding school kids

Some of the people that I get to work with this summer.

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