Sunday, 13 August 2017

Memories Made in Kyrgyzstan

I've been back in Halifax for 2 weeks now and I'm still trying to readjust and get caught up with things.  My travel from Ukraine went smoothly overall with no lost luggage.

Before I went to Ukraine last spring I sent some money to my friends at Loads of Love for Sergey in Kyrgyzstan to take the kids at Orlovka Orphanage to the beach.  Just like going to McDonald's is huge to kids in Ukraine who don't get there very often, going to Lake Issyk'ul in Kyrgyzstan is huge to the kids who don't get there without the kindness of others.  It turned out that there was enough money for 2 trips which took place recently, one for the kids at Orlovka and a second trip for disadvantaged families that Sergey serves.  Thank you so much to those of you who donated to my work and to my friends at Loads of Love that made this happen.  It created some lifetime memories for everyone.

If you would like to help in my work to show God's love in action please click the "donate now" button on the right side of the blog to donate on line.  To see other giving options please click the "ways to donate" tab at the top of the page.  It will be appreciated by so many.

Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers.  Thank you for seeing my heart.  Till next time...я люблю вас!!

The kids of Orlovka Orphanage.  Sergey is in the middle with a hat on.

This beach day was made complete with a picnic of plov the national dish of Kyrgyzstan...mmmmm

I love seeing those smiles.

Disadvantaged families.  Those of you who were on Go Teams Kyrgyzstan 2007 and 2013 will recognize our driver Is-har on the far right.

I think the little girl's shirt says it all.

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