Sunday, 16 July 2017

Between Camps

Camp season continues to be in  full swing here with all of the camps that have been sponsored through Loads of Love.  A couple of weeks ago we did our camp at the Social Dorms.  These dorms are kind of like public housing in Canada.  It was a really tough week which was magnified by 35 degrees plus temperatures.  April who is here from out west is helping out with the camps also.  She describes the Social Dorms camp best in her blog.  I can't do it justice.  You can read it and see some photos here:

After the Social Dorms camp we ended up having a few days off as another camp was postponed until August; however, we filled that time by going with our friends to do more camps with the kids in the public schools.  Then this past week we did a camp at one of the TB Hospitals.  This is a rehabilitative hospital where there's kids who have TB in their bones, others who are in later stages of the disease as well as kids there for preventative treatment if TB is in their families.  These kids can be here from 6 months to a year and sometimes longer.

On the last day of this camp we found out that some kids were discharged to go home but they didn't want to leave because of our camp.  After spending 6 months to a year away from their families they still wanted to stay...and the hospital let them stay.  This camp had a huge impact on the staff as well.  They were having just as much fun as the kids and couldn't believe that people would travel to Ukraine to be there instead of going to the beach on vacation.  It touched them deeply to see our hearts for the kids.  The director of the hospital said:  "These last 5 days seem to have gone by in just 5 minutes."  This camp was definitely one of the highlights so far.

Right now we're between camps but as some of you are reading this we are on our way to spend a week in a village outside of town doing a camp for 150 kids.  It's the largest camp of the season and we'll be off the grid for that time living a rustic lifestyle.  It'll also be my last camp this season as I'll be heading back to Canada in less than 2 weeks.

Please continue to keep me and our camp in your thoughts and prayers.  Thank you for seeing my heart.  Till next time...я люблю вас!!

The kids at the public school

At the TB hospital camp the kids always wanted us to sign our names as part of their craft.  I wrote my name a LOT this week.

At the TB hospital

These 2 boys were not allowed out of bed and couldn't take part in many of the activities.  I made sure that they at least got to do the craft each day.

On the last day the older kids gave us a sign that they put hand prints and personal messages on.  The title translates to "Great Time"

The small kids each drew a picture that they made into a book for us.

Then the director presented us an official letter of thanks from the staff.  It's a very glowing letter of thanks.

The kids at the TB Hospital

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