Monday, 20 February 2017

Blessings For Those Who Have Little

Today is the Family Day holiday in most of Canada where families spend quality time together.  My mind is on those who are in the institutions in Ukraine that have no family of their own to treat them or to take them anywhere.  In just over 2 months I will be going back to Ukraine for the summer to spend quality time with those who need it.  Right now my trip is mostly paid for but I would like to be able to do more for those who are considered to be the least of these.  Being a volunteer I don't receive a salary for my work and blessings, like a picnic or some treats, can add up quickly on a tight budget.

Would you please consider helping me to be a blessing.  To help out you can click the "donate now" button on the side of the blog page to give an on line gift.  You can also click the "ways to donate" tab at the top of the page for other giving options.  Every dollar helps and would be appreciated by so many.  Thank you so much.

Bananas and candy are a huge treat for those who don't get them very often

Spending time with and treating the kids from the boarding school to a couple of hours outside of the institution as well as some burgers.  (Boarding schools in Ukraine are for the disadvantaged kids, not like the private boarding schools in Canada.)

The same for those in the Boorie Ooglie disabled home

Spending time with and bringing treats to the kids in the TB hospital

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